Bf-109 in Swiss Service

.(1/72 and 1/48 Decal Sheet)

Bf-109E-3 "J-311", Werk.Nr. 2159, delivered on 5 July 1939. Neutrality marking adopted in September 1944. Aircraft written off on 28 December 1949.

Bf-109E-3 "J-318", Werk.Nr. 2166, delivered on 28 June 1939. This Aircraft flies by Fl.Kp.9. Aircraft written off
on 14 August 1948 after 402h 32min airframe flying time and 138h 50min engine working time.

Bf-109E-3 "J-345", Werk.Nr. 2386, delivered on 11 October 1939. This aircraft flies with Fl.Kp.21. On 7 July 1947 Capt. de Pourtales suffers an engine failure at take-off from Freiburg. Aircraft destroyed after 405h 53min flying time, pilot seriously wounded.

Bf-109E-3 "J-374", Werk.Nr. 2355, delivered on 23 April 1940. This Aircraft, named "le Seducteur", flown
by Lt. Dedompierre of Fl.Kp.9. Aircraft written off on 28 December 1949.

Bf-109E-3 "J-371", manufacturing Number 2352, delivered on 20 April 1940. In Autumn 1944 receives this aircraft the first neutrality stripes scheme, which is not retained. Aircraft written off on 20 November 1946 after 296h 10min flying time.

Bonus: (only in 1/72 scale) Bf-109G with sharkmouth - two reconstruction of possible appearance:

Bf-109G-6 "J-713" with early camouflage - "LW type"

Bf-109G-14 "J-714" with late camouflage - "RAF type"